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Leeds Corn Exchange, Leeds
Age Restrictions: 18+
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Falling Light

Falling Light is an immersive art installation created by design studio Flat-e with original music by electronic musician Daniel Avery.

It’s a piece of architecture that comes alive, an illuminated space for people to experience original music. The focus of the work is a translucent horizontal screen floating above, inviting the viewer to gaze upwards and contemplate the idea of light emerging from darkness. It’s a unique spectacle that places the audience within the performance as light falls onto their bodies, making them part of the work.

On May 2nd, Daniel Avery will present his original music in person to open the installation to the public. For the remainder of the festival, Falling Light will be open to the public and free of charge.

Set within the iconic Leeds Corn Exchange, the work blurs the boundaries between music and art installation. Entering the Corn Exchange after dark, all that will be visible of the installation is the flickering of projected light in the void above the screen. Descending the stairs to the lower ground floor, the audience emerges into the space below to be bathed in light and sound. Falling Light will feel like stepping inside the music and touching the light.
Falling Light emerged as a desire to create an immersive large-scale artwork not only for fans of electronic music but also for a wider audience outside of nightclub culture.

Join Rob Slater and Matt Bateman of design studio Flat-e for a talk about their studio practise and their new installation Falling Light for Leeds International Festival. Date and time to be announced soon.


Venue Address: Leeds Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BR